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Tips for Hiring the Right Controller

Posted by WinCorp Solutions on May 11, 2018

A controller plays a critical role in your company’s senior management team. They work with the chief financial officer (CFO) to create and implement corporate goals and perform high-level accounting functions. Therefore, it’s important you know what to focus on when hiring a controller.

· Industry Experience

Your field may have unique revenue recognition rules and reporting regulations. A controller outside your industry will not have the technical experience required to understand these practices. Examples of organizations with distinct accounting rules include software and healthcare companies and nonprofit organizations. Stay open to hiring a controller with experience in an industry similar to yours as long as they have a strong background, learn quickly and are an excellent fit with company culture.

· Technical Accounting

Controllers must be skilled in managing both the accounting function and an accounting team. The controller must be proficient in Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), and if your company is publicly traded, knowledgeable about Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) reporting and working with a certified public accountant (CPA).

· Process Improvement

Controllers always look for more efficient and effective ways to manage accounting responsibilities. Your controller needs creative problem-solving skills, initiative, and follow-through to assess your processes. Improving speed and cost-effectiveness are important for growing your business.

· Leadership

Because the accounting function is a group effort, the controller has to manage, direct and mentor a team. They must be able to work individually and collaboratively, especially during month-end and quarter-end, to keep the team engaged, on track and feeling valued. The controller also needs to cross-train the accounting team to cover during absences and determine which teammates should be promoted.

· Strong Work Ethic

Controllers need high energy, motivation and willingness to take on as much responsibility as possible. they must be eager to do what it takes to succeed both individually and collaboratively. They need to take the initiative, set and reach goals in line with strategic planning, and hold their team accountable for achieving results.

· Soft Skills

A controller should appear polished, poised and professional because they deal with the board of directors, bankers, auditors and insurance companies. Since the controller will be working with financials, they need a high level of integrity and honesty. They also need to openly give and receive constructive feedback to improve work performance. Plus, they must be able to manage employees at all levels and collaborate well with colleagues.

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