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What Is the Difference Between a Controller and a CFO?

Posted by WinCorp Solutions on March 30, 2018

Although a controller and chief financial officer (CFO) work together to keep a company growing, they have diverse roles within the organization. Both positions require strong leadership and professional skills, yet they differ in background and personal preferences for the type of work each performs. Sometimes, the lines blur with both of these titles/positions, as there is cross over particularly at small or mid-size companies that may have one person/role performing functions for both positions.  At larger enterprise level companies, more distinct and specific functions exist for both accounting and finance responsibilities shown below for Controller and CFO.  

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How to Choose the Best Job References

Posted by WinCorp Solutions on March 23, 2018

When applying for your next job, you have to provide three to five references who can attest to your skills, experience and work ethic. Deciding which references to choose from has a significant impact on whether you are offered a position. The best references have great credibility with employers, create a positive image of your performance, and are available to talk when an employer calls.

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