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Important Qualities to Look for in a Marketing Coordinator

Posted by WinCorp Solutions on June 15, 2018

Hiring the right marketing coordinator is challenging. You need to know exactly what criteria you are looking for to find the right fit. Setting the standard beforehand makes it easier to look through resumes and set up interviews with the most promising candidates.

· Skills and Experience

Because you can always train on skills a candidate may lack, divide your criteria into must-haves and nice-to-haves. Must-haves may include the ability to use a variety of modern tech products and platforms and adapt to advancements in technology. You also might list the ability to apply marketing techniques for business growth. You could add knowledge of current inbound marketing tactics and strategy. For your nice-to-haves, you may list certification that demonstrates an understanding of inbound marketing and familiarity with a platform. List experience with the platform you use, so the candidate can quickly begin producing results. You could add having experience working in an environment with a similar pace to your company’s, so the candidate is comfortable working at that speed.

· Culture Fit

Even if a candidate fulfills the necessary skill set and experience level, they need to effectively collaborate with your team and possess your company’s values. If a candidate does not blend with culture, they will have greater challenges completing their work, may bring down employee morale, and likely will be searching for a job shortly after being hired. Determine whether a candidate is passionate about your company’s mission and embodies your company’s core values. Find out what types of books the candidate reads and which blogs, podcasts or companies they follow. Have the candidate briefly work with one of your top employees to see whether they collaborate well. Before making a final decision, have the candidate spend a day meeting potential colleagues to determine whether they fit with company culture.

· Professional Development

A marketing coordinator who engages in professional development believes in improving both themselves and the company and serving as a role model for co-workers. By continuously learning, they stay on top of their industry, show passion for their work and add additional value to your business. Because the marketing field quickly changes, the candidate focuses on learning new methods and practices to stay competitive. To determine whether a candidate engages in professional development, ask them to discuss a recent self-education activity they completed or another activity they regularly engage in to stay current in the industry. Also, ask about their certifications and when they were last updated.

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