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How to Increase Productivity Without Experiencing Burnout

Posted by WinCorp Solutions on May 18, 2018

Increasing productivity is an important part of growing a business. However, accomplishing more tasks in less time can also lead to burnout. The key is staying focused and productive while maintaining a work-life balance.

· Control Your Time

The more you advance in your career, the more responsibilities you will be expected to take on. Be aware of how much time is required to complete each task and which tasks need to be completed first, so you can plan accordingly. When possible, complete a task before moving to the next one. Delegate all items that you can. Block off time when you do not want to be disturbed so you can work on top-priority items. Silence your phone, leave email for later and let your employees know how long you will be unavailable. Leave room for flexibility in case truly important issues arise. If a less-pressing issue comes up, schedule a time to take care of it later. Schedule time for personal interests, so you maintain a proper work-life balance.

· Pay Attention to Your Body Clock

Because our brains function differently at different times, how you process information varies. For instance, because mornings tend to be quiet, you may want to work on your most challenging tasks first. You should be better able to concentrate and perform complex work. Also, afternoons tend to be a great time for collaborating. Because people are more likely to socialize during and after lunch, afternoon is a great time for holding meetings or brainstorming ideas with teammates. In addition, because the brain typically slows down in the evening, it is the perfect time for creative thinking. You can strategize short- and long-term goals and think about steps to attaining them.

· Leave Work at the Office

When your workday is done, process the day’s events and let them go. If you work remotely, have a separate area and time for your tasks, then leave everything there when you finish your day. Your body needs a break from stress. Spend time with family or friends, work on your hobby, read a book or focus on other relaxing activities.

· Exercise

Exercise will boost circulation, build muscle and keep your heart in shape. You also improve cognitive performance, problem-solving ability and long-term memory. Ensure you exercise at least 30 minutes per day through yoga, power walking, running, biking or another activity.

· Get Adequate Sleep

Your body needs adequate sleep so your mind can shut down and process everything that happened during the day. You will be ready to handle additional information, improve your ability to reason and sharpen your decision-making skills the next day.

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