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How to Identify Employees With Leadership Skills

Posted by WinCorp Solutions on May 25, 2018

Finding employees with leadership skills is vital to your company’s success. They know your process, systems, organization structure and work culture inside and out. They also understand your company’s strengths and weaknesses, which helps them make more informed decisions to grow your business. Here are five ways you can identify employees with leadership skills.

1. Leaders Cultivate Relationships

Leaders value authentic interactions and transparency and gain the respect of others. Leaders enjoy helping others learn and grow. They attentively listen, openly communicate, and facilitate group discussions for everyone’s benefit. Leaders know that building strong relationships creates personal and professional success. They enjoy collaboration and reaching group goals. Leaders encourage others to voice their opinions and be honest about their thinking.

2. Leaders Are Goal-Oriented

Leaders excel at taking on new challenges, learning from their mistakes and resolving issues. Leaders move beyond their comfort zone to develop innovative ideas. They thrive on implementing solutions to tough problems. Leaders take on additional responsibilities, are accountable for their actions and enjoy moving up to more senior roles. They enjoy taking risks, pay attention to detail and deliver results on time.

3. Leaders Pursue Learning Opportunities

Leaders continuously add to their knowledge base and skill set to gain expertise in multiple fields. Leaders set an example for co-workers to follow, showing that continuous learning is key to growth and promotion. They cultivate information from others to make decisions and take action on issues. Leaders ask questions and consider all angles of a problem before implementing a solution. They focus on improving each day.

4. Leaders Serve Others

Leaders enjoy helping co-workers achieve their goals and reach their potential. Leaders put others’ needs ahead of their own and provide what they need to succeed. They are able to overcome challenges that benefit co-workers, customers and the company. Leaders follow through on what they commit to doing and hold themselves accountable for the results. They understand what motivates a person to perform their best work and act accordingly.

5. Leaders Have Mentors

Leaders seek the wisdom from more experienced leaders and welcome feedback on career decisions. Leaders know to take advice from those who have gone before them on similar professional paths and can provide accurate information and experiences for their benefit. They choose mentors whom they trust and want to emulate.

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