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How to Get Top Talent to Apply for Your Jobs

Posted by WinCorp Solutions on June 29, 2018

You want the most talented employees running your company. A typical way of reaching prospects is through job postings. Because reading a post may be a prospect’s first time learning about your business, you need to catch their interest and engage them enough to want to apply.

· Share Your Mission Statement

Inspire prospects with why your company exists and how the role fits in with the bigger picture. Millennials, who make up over half the workforce, are especially attracted to companies and positions that have a purpose beyond being an industry leader or making substantial profits. Ensure you point out how you solve a problem and how you differ from the competition. Prospects want to know what makes your business stand out and why they should work for you rather than someone else.

· Mention Company Culture

Describe the skills, personality and interests of the prospect you are looking for. Millennials are especially focused on authenticity and belonging and want to know that they will fit in. Although skills and experience matter, employees who blend with company culture more easily assimilate with colleagues, efficiently learn their job responsibilities and begin producing in a shorter amount of time than those who do not blend with culture.

· Provide a Job Summary

Prospects want to know what they will be expected to accomplish. Include details about what the employee does, what skills they need and what outcomes they should achieve. Mention whether the prospect would be more of an individual contributor or a team player, what type of training they will receive and other pertinent information. Provide a call to action so interested prospects apply. Make it clear whether they need to click a link or do something else to send you their information.

· Show Career Growth

Prospects are more motivated to apply when they know what is in it for them. They want to see a clear way to take on more responsibility and move up in the organization. Prospects also want clear direction as to where the role may lead them in the future. Mention how your training, coaching, experiences and relationship-building can lead to even greater opportunities within your business.

· Create a Search-Friendly Posting

Since the majority of prospects go online to find their next role, include search engine optimization (SEO) keywords so your posting gets noticed. Also, include video so viewers feel a personal connection with your company and remain on your page longer. The longer your page is viewed, the higher it ranks in search engines, which attracts significantly more prospects. The more prospects who review your job posting, the higher the number of qualified applicants you can choose from.

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