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How to Encourage Healthy Competition in the Workplace

Posted by WinCorp Solutions on June 22, 2018

Healthy workplace competition encourages your employees to be more productive, engaged in their work, and energized throughout the day. Maintaining a balance between competing and having fun promotes employee development and business growth. Follow these guidelines to promote healthy competition in your workplace.

· Address a Company Issue

You may need to quickly reduce expenses, increase sales of a specific product/service or narrow your time to market. Build your competition around that issue to achieve specific results. For instance, you may reward the team that implements the greatest long-term cost savings by restructuring processes or renegotiating a supply contract. Ensure every employee understands what they are trying to accomplish, how progress will be communicated and how success will be measured. They will be better equipped to compete and benefit the company.

· Compete in Teams

Encourage collaboration so everyone contributes in the areas they are most skilled in and learns from those who possess other talents. Avoid having individuals compete against each other. This promotes doing what is in their own best interest and typically has detrimental effects on everyone else.

· Make Competition Fun

Because work is naturally competitive, all of your employees want to perform their best and be recognized and promoted. Keeping competition fun reduces stress and keeps things lighthearted.

· Monitor the Effects

Make sure they are collaborating well while reaching company goals. If your employees are experiencing conflict, teach them how to share their opinions through healthy debate. Show them how healthy competition can lead to innovation and improvement. Hold your employees accountable for their actions.

· Focus on Results

Workplace competition is for reaching a common goal, not just getting excited about winning. For instance, if your customer service reps are competing to determine which team handles more calls in a day, they may focus more on speed and rush through the calls, causing the quality of their service to go down. Make sure your employees continue performing quality work and hit their target before the deadline.

· Reward Your Employees

This provides an incentive to continue improving their work performance. The prize may vary depending on the nature of the contest and your business and employees. For instance, you may provide a fun trophy and recognition at the weekly meeting. You might let your employees leave early on Friday afternoons. Or, in the case of salespeople, you could provide bonuses or vacation packages for bringing in large sales.

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