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Be Careful What You’re Posting on Social Media

Posted by Matt on Jul 31, 2017 7:31:51 AM

Because most hiring managers utilize social media, it is imperative that job candidates have clean online profiles. Posting appropriate words and images can mean the difference between being extended a job offer or being passed over. Follow these guidelines to improve the odds of being called in for a job interview.

  • Have Two Platforms

Having two current accounts with well-crafted information, such as profiles on LinkedIn and Facebook or Twitter, portrays a much more effective image than having inactive accounts on multiple platforms. Employers search for candidates who remain updated in their industry and convey relevant information.

  • Ensure Complete Profiles

This is especially important for LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Employers want to know all they can about candidates to determine whether their education, skills and experience make them the best choice for a position.

  • Post a Professional Photo

First impressions matter, so make the best one possible. Employers are seeking candidates who have a professional appearance and will most likely fit in with company culture.

  • Write a Blog

Blog weekly about a topic relevant to your industry. Display knowledge of the field along with your communication skills. Include the posts on LinkedIn Pulse and other accounts. Employers want to know candidates are serious about their industry and can make complex topics easily understood.

  • Participate in Groups

Actively post in LinkedIn Groups to portray the image of a thought leader. For example, participate in discussions. Share articles and comment on industry news. In addition, connect with hiring managers and other professionals in the field. Employers want candidates with extensive backgrounds in the industry and a strong network of influential contacts.

  • Avoid Inappropriate Posts

This includes profanity, alcohol consumption, illegal drug use, defamatory comments, intimate photos, political statements and other potentially offensive material. Employers are looking for candidates who display maturity and discretion.

  • Do Not Discuss Work Issues

Keep negative opinions about work confidential. This includes current and previous employers, managers, colleagues and projects. Employers want to hire candidates with a positive attitude who work well individually and collaboratively and speak highly of the organization. Also, an employer may easily find out what an employee is saying about the company and terminate employment.

  • Monitor Words and Punctuation

Ensure posts contain correct grammar, spelling and punctuation. Employers seek candidates who thoroughly check their work to ensure it is clear and correct.

Follow these guidelines for posting on social media. When looking to secure a finance, accounting, IT or business position, contact WinCorp Solutions.

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Written by Matt

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